You can breath in well-being, health, adventure and fun in each corner of Fuerteventura, a marvellous place that invites you to practice sport and enjoy open air activities throughout the year. Thanks to its generous climate of warm summers and mild winters, more sportsmen choose the island as the perfect destination to practise their hobby or train in their sport. It is a world renowned place for its perfect and unbeatable conditions for water sports such as surfing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, sailing, scuba diving and fishing, but also the ideal place to practice endless activities in the best surroundings out of the sea. Enthusiasts of trekking, cycling, quads, motor cross… find unbeatable geographical and meteorological conditions to practice their favourite activites. Excursions on quads and safari jeeps, going up volcanoes and crossing desert landscapes, convert holidays into authentic adventures.


There are many beautiful beaches along the whole island. In the North there are some of the best surfing beaches, for beginners and advanced, but there are also many others all around the island.

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Fuerteventura offers a grand variety of beautiful hiking tours, like Betancuria and Lobos. There are many guided tours available to give you the full experience of the culture, nature, and history of Fuerteventura.

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Fuerteventura is also known for its beautiful underwater world. The most beautiful places are in the North, between Corralejo and the island Lobos. Also, If you wish to explore the island, there are also tours available for this.

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Enjoy the views of Fuerteventura’s beaches and volcanic landscapes from a horse’s back.

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Fuerteventura is often visited by professional windsurfers because of its windy days and excellent beaches. The island is perfect for beginners- having a large number of windsurf schools – and for professionals- who mostly visit in July and August for the best wind.

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Oasis Park is a beautiful zoo stretched over 160000m². It has one of the most important botanic gardens, having 2300 species of cacti and 80 of the most exotic species of trees and palms, and has a grand variety of animals, surrounded by beautiful flora.

Also, there are many programs visitors can attend, like the parrot show.

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Fuerteventura has a large number of shopping malls and towns with the opportunity of getting some gifts and appetizers to bring home.

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Enjoy Fuerteventura at night with traditional restaurants and bars.