Situated in the northeastern corner of Fuerteventura, El Cotillo is a quiet place that offers good restaurants, bars, and some shops. The main reason for people to come here are the fantastic beaches and lagoons that can be found in the east of this small town.

Further South, there are many beautiful beaches like Playa del Ajibe de la Cueva and Playa del Águila. There you will find nothing but the blue sky, turquoise water, and fine white sand.

At the cliffs near the centre of the city, with views to the sea, you can find the Fortaleza del Tostón. This round stronghold was built in the decade of 1790, to defend the town from invading pirates. It is open to visitors to enter, and from the top you have a breathtaking view of the beautiful beaches, lagoons and the traditional looking town of Cotillo.

The old harbor is one of the most visited places to dine, because of it’s excellent fish restaurants, right by the cliffs, where you have a beautiful view of the water while enjoying your meal.